YIC: How To Make A Good Youtube Channel

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August 13, 2014

Welcome to another episode of Youtube Income Challenge. If you are new to this challenge, and want to participate, you can still submit your entry until 31st October 2014. As long as you submit your video responses to the previous posts you are in the challenge. To start from the beginning, watch this video.

Tip Of The Week

This week’s tip is how to make a good Youtube channel.

For you to be able to start uploading videos to Youtube, you will need to have a channel setup correctly. Just think of it being your video website where people can find you on Google and Youtube. Plus there are some extra benefits of setting up your Youtube channel and here are the following:

  • Firstly, choose a name that represents your business.
  • Second, update the layout of your channel. Upload a banner, add your trailer video and add a description of what you do and keywords.
  • Third, get your channel verified.
  • Fourth, enable all available features such as Monetization, Longer videos, External annotations, Custom thumbnails, Content ID appeals, Unlisted and private videos, and Live events.
  • And then finally, add your website and social media links.

This Week’s Challenge

This week’s challenge is to describe 3 of the above methods that you used to optimize your channel.

Leave your video responses in the comments area down below this video using #YoutubeIncomeChallenge and share with me the 3 tips you implemented on your Youtube channel. Remember to ask your fans and friends to vote for you by liking your comment. The more votes you get the better chances for you to win the Youtube Income Challenge.

Now go ahead and setup your Youtube channel and take advantage of these extra benefits that Youtube has to offer as well.

Last Week’s Video Responses

Here are some of last week’s video responses into the competition:

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