YIC: Keyword Research For Your Videos

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August 21, 2014

Welcome to another episode of Youtube Income Challenge. In this video, we’ll talk about how to do keyword research for your videos.  If you are new to this challenge, and want to participate, you can still submit your entry until 31st October 2014. As long as you submit your video responses to the previous posts you are in the challenge. To start from the beginning, watch this video.

Tip Of The Week

Before creating any videos, wouldn’t it be great to look through a crystal ball and find out what your viewers really want? This is where keyword research is really important and it can really help you increase your views and more engagement on your Youtube videos.

When doing keyword research, the 4 things you want to look out for are:

  • relevance of the keyword in your niche
  • traffic to your niche or the number of visitors per day
  • competition
  • commercial value

Here are three tools that I recommend to use to find out and do keyword research for Youtube:

How To Use Youtube Keyword Research Tool

You can use the Youtube Keyword Research tool by visiting socialvideohub.com/youtubekeywordtool.

Type in the keywords you are looking for in your niche and it shows you the number of views, level of competition and commercial value.

How To Use Long Tail Pro

This is a software I use to find keywords quickly and to see if they are suitable. Let’s take a look at how you can use Long Tail Pro:

  • Step 1 is finding keywords in your niche. Simply create a new campaign by adding a name (such as the keyword you are targeting), select the country you are targeting for and the search network you want to research in.
  • Step 2, in the Generate keywords section, enter the keyword you want to research for and click add. You can add as many keywords you like here or let Long Tail Pro find more for you. Then select apply filters. Ideally you want to have a minimum of 80 searches per day and a dollar value of 0.80 per click. You can change these values at anytime. Then select the “generate keywords” button.
  • Step 3 is to review your keywords and the level of competition. Click on “advertiser competition” to sort this column in ascending order. Find the keywords with low to medium competition and these will be your first set of keywords you can begin to use. In addition, the higher the dollar value in the average CPC column, the better it is for the keyword. If there are any keywords with high competition that you want to rank for, then by all means keep it in your list, otherwise click the cross to remove keywords with “high competition”.
  • Step 4 is to test these keywords on Youtube by simply typing it into the search bar. If you see that Youtube suggests the keywords and there are other videos with a minimum of 10,000 views then these are the keywords you should use.

To download your free trial or to purchase the software, here’s my affiliate link: socialvideohub.com/longtailpro

I want to thank you in advance if you choose to purchase this software through my link as well.

How To Use VidIQ

  • You will need to open a Google Chrome browser and install the VidIQ Extension. If you don’t have Google Chrome installed on your computer, please install Google Chrome first.
  • Visit vidiq.com and sign up an account.
  • Select the Youtube video you want to find keywords from.
  • Sign into your VidIQ account.
  • Copy the keywords from the tags section and choose the best keywords ones you want to use for your video.

This Week’s Challenge

For the next 2 weeks, what I’d like you to go into keyword research on 5 keywords in your niche. The answers are applied in those principles that I’ve shared with you in this video.

Last Week’s Video Responses

Here are some of last week’s video responses into the competition:

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