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Hi, my name is Tricia Velthuizen, I'm the co-founder of a company called Churchill Education.

I have 20% more leads coming to my website, I have a 14% drop in my bounce rate, I have clients that are ringing us and saying I just watched your video and I had to call. And business is just rolling along so well, but it wasn't always that way.

You see, my video consisted of my husband and I standing, just staring at the camera very forcefully and making no impact at all.

And I really didn't know how we're going to fix it, but I knew one thing, I knew that we had to fix it. They have made it from a nightmare, and something like puzzled over I thought I have to do but how, into dream solution where every month I look at those numbers, I watch them rise, and making our website into a conversion machine.

And here's what I'm really loving, I can trust them to do the right things, to produce a beautiful video that really gets the heart of who we are.

Here's my thing, if you are in business in Australia, and you are looking at getting your website to do better for you and convert more, then you would be mad not to give them a call. In fact you just missed me holding up somebody at lunch to tell them all about why they need to work with these guys and if you are listening, you really need to consider working with them too.

I think they're just phenomenal.

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