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Hi, my name is Pete Kvist, author of Why Most Websites Suck, and to be honest with you obviously I know a bit about websites but when it comes my videos, I could pretty much say my videos do suck.

Well they did suck, until I met a guy named Tyrone Shum. This guy is an absolute legend in the industry. On Youtube, he's an absolute legend. The things that he does and the equipment that he uses is just so incredible.

The videos that he creates makes not only make me look good, but also any of my clients look good as well. So anyone that I send his way, I can absolutely trust and be ensured that he's going to deliver something that is worldclass.

Tyrone Shum is the man to go to, that's what I'm saying. I hope you guys get some great videos out of him just like I did as well.


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