Video Transcript:

Hi! My name is Martin Harris, I'm a pharmacist and nutrition medicine practitioner from Auckland, New Zealand.

I've just spent a few hours working with the guys to record 24 videos for my optimal health solutions program, and it's mostly - it's been about 3-4 hours. It's just been really, really easy and really simple and they managed to make sure I've got all the information that I want packed in a format that I know, it's going to be spellbinding for my patients to watch.

Which is really kind of cool because I had experience with video before, and it's sort of - I've had videos that go on for like 12 minutes and I had to turn the noise from the sound right up on the TV.

Now it's just simple, I can just flow through, and it was really lovely, really quick. And I know that I'm booked heading out, going back to the plane and not going to do the hard way putting it together.

So I'm really looking forward to putting this into practice. And as I've seen the results that they can generate, I'm sure they will generate a huge response.

Even just video-ing with them, my excitement just built in and I can really feel the passion I know I've got for this area, and these guys did really well on having me to bring that out for the video.