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My name is John Miller Crispe, I'm a senior naturopath with Abundant Life and Health.

We've got a great range of videos that we use for our website and give to clients to help them with their problems and this was really fantastic but it wasn't always this way.

We did some videos for ourselves and they were alright sometimes. You look at some of them and you think this guy was really not a great filmmaker, Steven Speilberg does not have anything on me. But then I went to a seminar and I heard from Tyrone and we discussed the different things that you can do with video and I thought I need a professional advice.

And so we got together, they came out to my clinic, they spent a whole day with me and discussed what were necessary, we set the whole thing up properly and professionally. We produced some great scripts, we produced some great videos.

I'm very happy now with what I've got but certainly wasn't with what I did.

So I'm more than happy to recommend Tyrone to anybody. I think they'll do a great job and you'll be very happy if you do business with them.

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