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Hi this is Jesse Forrest. My website is

I do video for clients alongside writing copy that helps make their website's product itself.

The issue was that I could never find the right equipment to do high quality video. I watched other videos online and one day I stumbled Tyrone and I saw the videos that they were putting out. I saw it's how engaging they were, how funny they were, how informative they were but also the quality was just amazing.

So I got in touch with those guys and I have to say the experience has been awesome. I'm good friends with Tyrone now and I can highly vouch for their services.

So if you're interested in getting video done for your business, for your website, for your online marketing, and you want someone who is in Australia, then I couldn't recommend those guys enough. They certainly helped me out.

So I highly recommend Tyrone. If you're looking to get great video done, definitely give them a call or an email.

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