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I'm James Burgin and I'm the marketing guy with MrVitamins.

I've been working with Tyrone for several months now, really it's been not just a pleasure but an actual breakthrough for our business.

We have produced dozens of videos which I never thought was possible. Several months ago I thought you know, I really want this to be a newer video, I hear people say you'll need to get to video marketing. So I had the vision to do that but I really don't have the ability to produce stuff myself so of course I needed to outsource to professionals and that's where Tyrone came in with their team.

Their methodologies, their strategies, their coaching and their being there with all of our team. We have had 20 people on video and every single person is different but every single person that we've worked with has been coached and nurtured, and then edited and produced in such a way that the finished product makes MrVitamins shine and it makes our team shine.

We have the ability to talk to hundreds and thousands, and even more through our video marketing campaigns, that's exciting for us.

I certainly recommend Tyrone and the team to help you with your video productions with any of your video needs. If you are to market your business more powerfully and more effectively, and with the huge amount of leverage, then get these guys on board.

They'll help you not just with their technical aspect but with their strategic support to really take your business to the next level.

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