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Hi, my name is Greg Schreeuwer, and I'm the founder and director of Be Who You Wanna Be International.

I just recently did an interview with Dr. John DeMartini. Before the interview was going to happen, I was looking for someone who knew how to put a video together, and knew how to promote that on the internet in a way they can captivate, connect with the audience.

We did the interview, and it was amazing. It was great, they're really professional. They did everything, it's like really methodical, it's very instructed beautifully and everyone felt incredibly comfortable throughout the whole process. I didn't look like I thought it would, which was great. And yeah, they just seem to know everything they were doing.

I can say with absolute certainty that we're going to have incredible end-product here.

So if any of you guys are looking for a video guru to do anything for you online, whether it's online marketing for videos, anything to do with videos, they can potentially help you reach a wider audience and a bigger network of people.

Find them, hire them, do what you need to do with them, they will help you out.

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