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Hey I'm Dale Beaumont from Business Blueprint and I just want to say I'm a big fan of Tyrone and their amazing videos that they have.

I've studied a lot of their material and followed all their advice myself and gone out and bought the cameras and the microphones, and the lighting and then now using videos successfully in my own business.

I also now recommend these guys to all of my clients as well and they come along and regularly educate my clients on how they can get better results through video as well. People love learning from these guys because of their fun approach and the way that they're able to cut through all mess and make things really simple for any person to follow - here's what you need, here's what you have to do and here's how to generate great results.

So I'd recommend them highly if you really want to get produced videos and get great results through them then make sure that you listen to everything that Tyrone say. Thanks for watching.

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