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Hi I'm Chantal, I'm a naturopath and I own Lemon Tree Health.

I was looking for somebody to help me with getting some videos together for helping with my patients because I have trouble with trying to fill the information in my consultations. So now that I had met with Tyrone, it actually helped me to produce some great videos so that I can hand that out to my customers, and to my patients in my clinic as part of packages and it's much better tool for them for learning instead of making a lot of informational paper.

So I'm really grateful to have this service available to me. I've flown from Melbourne and to do it, it's been a great experience, had a lot of fun which I didn't expect. I thought I'd be very nervous and be reading like a robot, which we've had a few robot moments and a bit of a laugh.

I recommend you guys to everybody, definitely.

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