Video Transcript:

I'm Carl Taylor, the author of the number one on iTunes Red Means Go, and the founder of Business Builders Academy helping entrepreneurs to work smarter by buying, building, and selling businesses.

I do a lot of video-ing, like videos in my seminars, I do some regular blog videos as well. I knew the power of video in my business but my quality was pretty, pretty poor to be honest. I did not have great equipment, I was really just putting stuff together and putting it out there and I was never happy with how it was.

After working with Tyrone, I got better equipment. He showed me these little secrets on how to use lighting properly, I've gotten rid of using my green screens, it wasn't right for what I needed. And the quality of my videos has gone good, I'm getting a lot more engagement online in my blog posts, and the quality of my DVDs that I'm getting from seminar recordings are so much better.

So anything video, you need help in equipment, you need to know how to do lighting, you need to just have great presentation of your business on video, talk to Tyrone and the guys. I highly recommend them, they're amazing. Check them out.