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Hi guys, Adam Gibson here, founder of Health Leaders Academy.

We’ve created all these fabulous content over the years, and we’ve had videos putting that content out, which quite frankly didn’t measure up to the quality of content. It didn't make me feel proud.

What we’ve done today, I’m so excited to be getting out because it’s taking us to a new level. It’s showing the content – the presentation is matching the quality of the content and I’m really grateful to work with these guys to bring us up a notch. And that’s what I was here for to start with is take us to a new professional level.

If you’re considering video marketing for your own business, and I can only recommend that you do, no matter if you’re in coaching or anything – it seems like – video seems to be the way of it now, take your content and let these guys with their magic. You won’t regret it. It makes you feel like your business is worth 3 or 4 times it’s currently worth, and I can only recommend it.

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